AI and its impact on the classroom

Today, AI has found its place in the education sector as numerous schools are beginning to utilise the technology. However, with the growth of AI in the education sector, numerous questions have also been born. Could technology replace teachers? What are the effects of this advancement in today’s classroom? How […]

Axis Values

Modifying the axis values on your chart can be easily achieved inside the Octopus BI platform. For line charts, bar charts, area charts, column charts, scatter plots and box plots – drag and drop the names of the variables from the data set to the X-Axis and Y-Axis fields. Next, […]

How to edit or delete a relation

Once you add a new relation, you may wish to edit or delete them. Editing or deleting relations is a straightforward process inside the Octopus BI platform. In order to edit or delete your relation, go to Data Modelling >> Select the relation you want edit or delete >> Click […]

Adding relations to a new model

How to add relations to a new model Adding relations to an new model takes just a single click inside the data modelling section. Go to Data Modelling >> Select “Add Relation” >> Select new model. You will then be presented with a pop up that will allow you to […]

Adding relations to an existing model

Relational data models are widely used in analytics to store data. This simple model possesses all the attributes and capabilities needed to process data efficiently. It saves relations among variables in a table format.  How to add relations to an existing model Adding relations to an existing model takes just […]

Why do you need data modelling

In order to achieve a consistent data analytics journey you need a data model to store all your cleansed and blended data in a single database. Octopus BI is now equipped with a Data Modelling feature designed to do just that. You can now specify your criteria for your data […]

How to download a template

Once you have browsed the various templates inside the Octopus BI platform, and studied any templates you may like in detail, you may wish to download them. Downloading a template takes just a few clicks. Go to Marketplace >> Select the template >> Click “Download” You should see the template […]